I heard a story once about a wise old holy man who from his deathbed asked one of his assistants to bring him “the book.”  When asked what book he was referring to he answered, “There is just one book – the Bible.”

I’ve often found myself wishing I had some kind of summary of the reasons I believe in the ultimate authority of the Bible and, in turn, the existence of God and Jesus Christ. This document is an outgrowth of this wish. In it, I take a high-level look at some of the factors I believe point to the validity of my beliefs. It’s not meant to prove anything in an absolute sense – you can’t absolutely prove or disprove the existence of God – but rather to take a look at some interesting criteria by which we can evaluate the Bible and draw the most logical conclusions. By the end of this write up, I hope you begin to believe as I do that the Bible is unlike any book ever written; its credibility is supported by a great deal of evidence; and it should be considered the ultimate source of wisdom and revelation concerning God (i.e., it’s the only book that’s truly needed by anyone). In the last part, I also present its central message (the Good News) in simple terms.

Ed Melick